Anita Diane Wells Quick Visual Arts Memorial Scholarship

The Anita Diane Wells Quick Visual Arts Memorial Scholarship was established in 2019. Bart’s wife, Anita, was a graduate of Boise State University, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Advertising Design in 1997. Bart wishes to honor her love of the arts by establishing a scholarship in her name to support students in the Department of Fine Arts, and to further Boise State University’s mission and to encourage others to support Boise State University.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship students must meet the following criteria:

  • Plan to enroll full-time (12 undergraduate credits)
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Junior or Senior level
  • Students who are pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts

If you are pursuing an Art degree and want to be considered for Department of Art scholarships, you must complete the Department of Art Scholarship Application and provide the following:

  • Please upload six examples of work completed within the last year submitted as digital files. Digital image size not to exceed 2000 pixels on the longest side. The canvas of your photos must be square so that the long dimension of your photo does not get cropped by the application system.

Here is how to put your photos into a square canvas with two black borders using free software.

1. Open your photo in “Preview.” Comes free with all Macs.
2. Go to Tools in the menu and select Adjust Size. Resize it to 2000 pixels in largest dimension. Click OK.
3. Then Select All from Edit menu. Then from Edit menu Cut.
4. Go back to Adjust Size from the Tools menu, unlock proportions and make both numbers 2000 pixels. Click OK. Now your canvas is a 2000 × 2000 pixels square.
5. From the Markup tool Bar select Shapes and the rectangle tool. Draw a shape to fill the square canvas with a black fill. If the Markup Tool Bar is not visible go under View and select it.
6. Go to Edit in the menu and select Paste to paste the photo to the black background and use mouse to drag it to desired position.
7. Save As .jpg

1. Download and install “Gimp” on your computer from
2. Open your photo in Gimp.
3. Go to Image in the Menu and select Scale Image from drop down. Resize your image to 2000 pixels in the longest dimension. Click Scale button.
4. Go to image again and select Canvas Size. Make Height and Width 2000pixels. Click Center button then click Resize button.
5. Go to Image again and select Flatten Image.
6. Go to the Toolbox on the left side of screen and select the “bucket” icon. Fill the white borders between your photo and canvas with black.
7. Go to File in the Menu and select Export As. Change file format from .png to .jpg and click the Export button.

For MAC and PC:
Name each file with the initial of your first name, your last name. and a number for the file. For example if you were Jane Doe you would name the first file JDoe1.

Departments / Colleges
Department of Art, Design and Visual Studies