Angus McDonald Memorial Scholarship

Angus McDonald Memorial Scholarship

Why did you choose to create your scholarship at Boise State University?

My mother created the scholarship to honor my father who was a professor in the Teacher Education and Psychology. He passed away while he was a member of the faculty.

What would you want the recipients of your scholarship to know about the person for whom your scholarship is named?

I would like the people to know that my father, Angus McDonald Jr. was the son of Scottish immigrants that had no more than a 6th grade education. Most importantly he was a very sweet, kind man that cared deeply about humanity and people reaching their potential. He understood human frailty and suffering and worked hard to try and mitigate these aspects of life. I think this is more than a son’s reflections. I think others that knew him would agree with me.

Tell us about your Boise State story, favorite tradition, a “Bronco” moment, or what Boise State has meant to you.

Boise State to me is an institution of opportunity. I know many, many people for whom Boise State has been a tremendous opportunity in a life that was lacking opportunity.

What do you hope your recipients will gain through your scholarship?

I hope the recipients will reflect on who my father was and what was important to him. More than anything I hope the recipients will make the most of the opportunity to advance their lives through their time at Boise State University.