Alan W. Frankle Endowed Scholarship

Alan W. Frankle Endowed Scholarship

The Alan W. Frankle Endowed Scholarship was established in 2001 by Dr. Alan Frankle and his wife Patricia to benefit finance majors. Frankle taught in Boise State’s Marketing and Finance department from the early 1980s until he retired in 2008. He was granted emeritus status upon his retirement.

Why did you choose to create your scholarship at Boise State University?

I was a professor at Boise State for 25 years.

What would you want the recipients of your scholarship to know about the person for whom your scholarship is named?

That they recognized the value in helping students achieve more with their education, and to increase accessibility to it.

Tell us about your Boise State story, favorite tradition, a “Bronco” moment, or what Boise State has meant to you.

Throughout a career you meet students who are truly more than just interested in receiving a good grade. Rather they want to understand the material, and really internalize the lessons. That makes the whole experience worth it and really is why I started this scholarship.

What do you hope your recipients will gain through your scholarship?

Understanding the bigger picture and the important parts that economics, finance, and business play into being a more cultivated person.